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Meet The FASTT Team



 Senior Instructor / Course Planner / Stunt Coordinator

Leo is a 2nd generation stuntman and stunt coordinator with an impressive portfolio of over 100 movie credits spanning three decades. His experience extends beyond the screen, as he served with distinction in the Australian Defence Force from 2012. In 2016, Leo completed the rigorous Special Forces Commando selection course and was subsequently posted to 1CDO during the reinforcement cycle in 2017. He is formally qualified in handling a diverse array of SpecOps weapons, including handguns, rifles, shotguns, grenades, and rocket launches. Leo holds category A, B, and H firearms licenses, along with a Certificate IV in trainer and assessor. His meticulous attention to detail and tactical expertise seamlessly translates to the realm of film and production, making him a sought-after professional in the industry. Leo's exceptional skills were recognised when he was awarded the Skill at Arms trophy for being the #1 shooter during the recruit phase of his military career, further solidifying his reputation as a soldier.



Senior Instructor / Kit & Equipment Acquisition

Served four years in the Australian Defence Force as a Rifleman Combat First Aider and Signals. He spent six months in Iraq with Task Force 633 on Operation Okra Taji 2, as part of the security element for the training team that enhanced the capacity of the Iraqi Security Forces to prevent the resurgence of Daesh/Isis in Iraq.
Since leaving the ADF, Ruddy has become a sought-after stuntman for his safe and professional approach to firearms. He is often called upon to perform and handle firearms on set.



 Senior Instructor / Armourer / Weapons & Ammunition Supervisor

Aaron served 12 year in the British Armed forces in infantry and armoured reconnaissance regiments. During his service he specialised in chemical, biological, radiological & nuclear warfare (CBRN) along with additional roles such as counter terrorism cbrn response, team medic, heavy weapons and signals.
Since then Aaron has transitioned into the film industry as a supervising armourer with Europe's biggest film armoury and also on screen as a specialist firearms performer. This has allowed him to quickly rise to the top of his game. Now Aaron resides in Queensland bringing his extensive knowledge in weapons, tactics, equipment, military knowledge and film set armoury to the Australian film industry.

Dedicated, Disciplined & Professional

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