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Everything you need to know

Do I need prior weapons experience?

No you don't need any prior weapons experience. We will take you through the basics of step by step and build on them.

You will however need to start at Level one as this is where the foundations are set to build onto more advanced modules.

I have prior military experience. Do I have to start at Level 1?

No, if you have prior military experience in the armed forces in a 'Combat Regiment' or 'Police Firearms Unit' you do not need to do Level one. However if you were not in a combat unit you will need to do level one. Examples of a combat unit: Infantry, SF, SOF, Artillery, Armour, Cavalry, Police CERT, Police Armed Response.

If you are unsure please contact us and a member of the team will be happy to help.

What Should I Bring?

We will provide you with all tactical equipment required for the course. You will however need a good pair of hiking boots (no steel caps), a pen & note pad, water bottle, personal medication and a good attitude.

A list of things to bring included with the joining instructions will be sent via email after booking.

Under 18s

Unfortunately because of the nature of the course we Do Not except candidates under the age of 18 for our Level 1& 2 course. 

However we can do very basic training with candidates under the age of 18 years of age if it is required by a production.

For this to happen we would require a meeting with the production and the performer's parents or legal guardians to discuss our options in more detail.

Do I Need To Be Super Fit?

No you don't have to be athlete fit. However a high all round level of fitness is required. You will be expected to move carrying kit for long periods of time. This will also include many relations of laying in the prone position, quickly jumping up and straight into a full sprint, manoeuvring around objects, carrying other people all whilst carrying kit and weapons. Please don't underestimate the course.

Will I Pass The Course Just By Attending?

The answer to this is No. At the end of this course you will not be expected to be trained soldier. The course is designed to allow you to be safe and deliver a better performance on set. You will be evaluated for the moment you arrive until the moment the course ends. You will Not be failed if you struggle or don't pick up the certain technique and drills. But you will be failed if we deem you to be a serious safety concern. Stunt co-ordinators and productions will refer to ask about our students performances and if we recommend them for certain rolls. We will give our honest opinion and recommendations to them. If we train you and you pass the course it means we have given you our stamp of approval. So stunt co-ordinators and productions need to trust that if a performer has attended our training course then they will conduct themselves in a disciplined and they can be trusted with a firearm.

Deposits & Refunds

We except 50% deposits on all of our courses. The deposits are non-refundable unless we cancel the course.

If we cancel the course, your whole deposit will be paid back to you, no questions asked!

We know unfortunate events happen in life so if you have a genuine reason you can't make the course please contact us asap and we will try to get you on a later course so you don't lose any money.

Accommodation & Food

Level 1 & 2 course includes accommodation and all meals. The entire course is 100% self contained in our incredible rural scenic training area so you don't need to worry about any of that. the accommodation is dorm style with ladies and gentlemen have separate dorms. There will be hot showers, toilet and wash facilities on site in the accommodation block so don't forget your towel and toiletries kit. If you have any dietary requirements or allergies please let us know.

Feel free to have a look at our site and all of the facilities on offer at:

If you still have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us and a member of the FASTT team will be happy to help.

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