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Costume & Military Advisory

Costume Department Advisory

FASTT is a military style training course for film, TV and the entertainment industry. We provide an immersive and realistic experience with our experienced team of professionals. Our goal is to provide the highest quality instruction and training for actors, stunt personnel, supporting artists and production staff.

You may have heard the saying "There is nothing uniformed about uniform" and couldn't be more true for tactical equipment. Every individual wears their kit differently depending on team role, weapons set up, personal preference, body type and intended mission. Many costume department do their best to guess but very few ever get it right. As ex- soldiers we can truthfully say that this will make or break the film/show.


The only people that can give you a 100% accurate depiction of exactly how and why its worn is the people that have worn it for real. All members of FASTT understand the smallest intricacies and complexity in combat equipment and how each piece fits together for each individual wearer. We have spent years operating and living in tactical clothing and equipment so we can give you genuine advise from our real world experience. 

How we can help you:


  • Pre-production costume design help and advice

  • Attend performer costume fittings

  • Wear costumes for demonstrations and concept 

  • Shoot day pre-call dressing costume help and advice

  • Full shoot day costume dept advise 

  • Detailed costume acquisition and purchase

  • And more...

Military & Tactics Advisory

Our team of experienced trainers are all ex-soldiers who have been trained in multiple forms of combat, from simple police style detentions, shootouts to full-scale battles. We strive to give our clients the best and most accurate depiction of combat possible bringing the audience into the story and create an immersive experience.


We understand the importance of getting the details right and can provide the necessary guidance to ensure that each performer is able to give the best performance. Whether you're looking to work on a big budget action-packed blockbuster or a more subtle military drama, FASTT has you covered.

How we can help you:

  • Pre production advisory

  • General on-set advisory

  • Direct performer on set coaching

  • 1 to 1 or small group cast boot camps

  • Large scale stunt and SA boot camps

  • Choreograph specific technical scenes

  • And more...

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