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Courses & Services

We have a number of courses and services for all kinds of projects.

So whether you want to brush up on your firearms knowledge,

run a full scale boot camp or need weapons for a photoshoot FASTT has your back.

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Costume Dept & Military
Advisory Services

Find out more about the services we provide and how we can help bring your production to life.

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Why Choose Us and
What Makes Us Unique?

What makes us different from every other military advisory type outfit you may ask.


As a company FASTT  has a very unique dynamic make up that no other company in Australia can offer. FASTT is the only training team where all core members of the training team have had to serve in the Armed Forces and also have experience performing on screen as a stunt performer. We are also the only team with a professional integrated armourer. 

Having an integrated armourer is incredibly important as we can teach our students exactly how to work with the armoury department with the most up to date procedures and give a much more detailed insight into how armoury work on and off set. It also gives us the ability to use weapons systems and ammunition types that simply isn't available to other companies out there.

Another one of our unique features is all of our core training team have to have served in the Armed Forces and also have on screen experience. This is a mandatory requirement of FASTT. This gives us the edge and a huge advantage as we know exactly how things are done in real life and on screen. With our on screen performance experience we understand that thing don't always translate from real world to the screen in a smooth transition so with our extensive experience in both worlds we can help directors and creators seamlessly blend the two bringing their vision to life creating the scenes in a way that no other advisory team can. 

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